i am your president

Congratulations, Mr. President, you have just won the elections! Now the lives of seven billion people depend on your decision, world leaders reckon with you, industry kingpins have to follow your orders, and you have the whole army at your beck and call. No pressure. Take it slowly. It’s not like you can be impeached, die during the nuclear bombing or in assassination. Not like that at all.

So, as we have completed the formalities, let's talk about your new prerogatives:

- Personalize your political views and create the presidency which America – or you - need.
- Wisely choose your advisors and cabinet members. Hire and fire on a daily basis.
- Every decision matters – choose your way of ruling and embrace consequences!
- Make friends or enemies. Talk your way out of difficult situations.
- Use social media and read the news – maybe this time they wrote something nice.
- Provide sustainable development, or simply watch your country fall into chaos.
- Try to survive as the President. If an impeachment occurs, you must start the entire presidential term again!