Devblog #13 - Hiring Workers

Ahoy Shipwrights!

While your crew is rising in numbers, it’s time for us to give you an update regarding the time-saving system we’ve been working on lately. With your friends on board in co-op mode, all the hard work gets easier and things are done faster. That must mean that playing solo is no way to go… right? Arghhhh, ain’t no way! We’re not leaving no one! So, without further ado, welcome to the hiring system!


SB 13 cabin


Workers Cabins

Next to your docks, you will find a few abandoned and ruined wooden houses. They are there for a reason, not just for mere disfigurement of the landscape. Your repair skills will come in handy as those houses can be renovated. Obviously, this will require not only your hard work but also some materials. Once you repair the cabin, a new feature will unlock.


SB 13 worker


Hiring Workers

Once you interact with a renovated cabin, you will be able to hire assistants to help you out with the job. They must be paid with money regularly, so always be mindful to save some in advance. You can assign them various kinds of tasks, especially those you aren’t so keen to do by yourself. Chopping wood gets tiring? Just get someone to do it!


This kind of system does not leave solo players at a disadvantage. Also, later in the game, after being through the full ship-building process plenty of times, some minigames might start to bore you and feel more like an annoying repetitive nuisance. We don’t want it to happen, right? It’s also a solution that lies in between the “do-it-all-by-yourself” mindset and the approach of buying all the necessary things from townspeople or pirates. With the docks’ fast growth, more responsibilities fall on your shoulders. We want to help you out by providing a little bit of an automation opportunity. Choose a playstyle that will suit your liking!


And also a big thanks to our community for they are the ones who suggested this feature first (Moros, noicemyman). We love to listen to your ideas and are excited to put them to good use. Feel free to share your thoughts on our discord server or right in the comments.


See ya!

The Devs