Devblog #21 - Mission report

Howdy Cleaners!

Sometimes it might seem as if the cleaning never ends, but there’s got to be at least a moment of peace, right? Hear the police coming? After all that effort, exhaustion, and stress, you’re rushing to your car to complete the mission. Did you do a good job or fail miserably? – thoughts are running through your head, filling your guts with anxiety. As you turn the keys and see your car running smoothly, you just know that’s the final moment of truth. 




What awaits you after every mission is a mission report – a summary and the results of your actions. It combines each aspect of your job altogether, bombarding you with pure facts mixed with numbers. So without further ado… let’s dive into the details! 


What’s taken into account:

  • Mission’s final result – in the end, you result in completing or failing the mission. So better play it carefully, as sometimes you might be forced to do the whole cleaning all over again!
  • Cleaning score – the combined value of the cleaning done, which includes washing the bloodstains, adjusting the furniture, disposing of garbage, and so on.
  • Bodies found – the most important evidence of the crime. Leaving a body behind is a huge error, leading you quickly into the police’s embrace.
  • Evidence – proof of one’s guilt, which existence is better off hidden.
  • Money gain – income made from all the mission’s activities. The big bad boss pays you, but so do the victim’s belongings.
  • Stolen items – stolen objects and the amount of extra money gained by stealing them
  • Suspicion – it’s about how much you stole and everything you left unattended (bodies, bloodstains, pieces of evidence). If the value of the suspicion passes the limit set, you will fail the mission, which also results in a cash penalty.

And what do you think? How many errors can you afford yet stay victorious? Are you able to resist greed and go for the perfect score, or do you prefer to balance on the edge of being detected by the police? Let us know your gameplay style in the comments or share your thoughts in general on our discord.


See ya!

The Devs