Devblog #21 - Watering your Fields

Dear community!

Feeding your citizens is one of the main priorities and sometimes the terrain may cause some troubles when preparing your crop fields. A growing city will require more and more food, both in quantity and variety, and this means that you will have to prepare fields all along rivers. Or does it?



As every field needs to be watered, it may seem difficult to compromise between your aesthetic planning, your city’s location, and efficient production chains. Luckily we have created a system of water pumps that allow you to irrigate all your fields while allowing you freedom in designing and building. 




Every channel has an initial water pump which allows water to travel a certain distance inland. With the help of water pumps, you can extend that, so your fields can be placed further away from the nearest water source. Since they are essential to your city’s expansion, the water pumps need an upkeep cost on top of their price, when you place them.


Outside of their function as irrigators, water channels can also be an element of decoration. And you can deliver water to the city centers with the help of pomps and create elaborate water features. Let us know if you are interested in the aesthetic uses of functional buildings!  Or maybe you will only utilize the channels and water pumps only for food production. We’re eager to hear your opinions and plans! 

See you next time!

The Devs!