Devblog #19 - Cleaner’s Sense

Hello Cleaners!
Criminals are rarely original; you have seen it all at this point. After many years on the job, you have managed to develop your own type of intuition. Understanding crime scenes is a massive aspect of preparing for the job and making sure that nothing is left behind. To do that, you can use yet another skill at your disposal: Cleaner’s Sense.
Every now and then you will be able to activate a special type of vision, which will highlight every element of the crime scene. Additionally, to help you clean up the most efficiently, everything is color coded. Currently, bodies and miscellaneous trash will glow orange, while blood is pink.
This extends to furniture, which has two different highlights depending on the necessary actions. Some pieces of furniture need to be moved into their designated spaces, while some pieces need to be slightly fixed up, they will highlight in blue and white respectively.
This highlight effect is temporary, but you can still use your tools to show off blood, so you can see it more easily. A UV lamp is especially useful when it comes to exposing hidden and small drops of blood. Thanks to lamps that you can place in multiple parts of the crime scene, uncleaned areas will shine bright like Christmas trees.
Cleaning Sense is only a part of your set of skills, you can treat it like one of the tools under your belt. It will be useful whenever you need to find the final piece of evidence or you want to scope out the size of the overall mess. All the color code is still a work in progress, we want all highlighted elements to be as clear as possible, so you can plan your cleaning routes accordingly. If you have any propositions on how we can distinguish some elements better, let us know! We’re awaiting your suggestions and opinions!
The Devs