Discover Your Past - I Am your President DLC

Welcome in Presidents!

The Oval Office is once again opening its doors! We’re happy to announce that a free DLC for I Am Your President is in the works! So get ready to once again step into the shoes of the most powerful man on the planet and take the challenge of your own rise to power! 

This linear scenario will walk you through your sudden presidency and throw crises at you. Inheriting other people’s problems can ruin a political career faster than any other problem, so make sure you can solve what your predecessor has left for you. 

Features that are coming back for the DLC:

  • conversations with various politicians
  • press conferences with tricky questions
  • the unhinged journalism in the articles
  • lawmaking process
  • emails from fans, haters, and other heads of state.

The DLC will also bring some updates and fixes, so look forward to the new short adventure as the President! We will be sharing the release date soon, so wishlist the DLC HERE