Devblog #17 - Yoink and Run

Welcome Cleaners!

Do you sometimes clean around and find something you think would be worth a lot? Unfortunately on your missions you will be mostly dealing with other people’s stuff. It would be amazing to get richer with less effort, after all, cleaning is hard physical labour. We’d like to let you in on a little secret… you can. Let us introduce a bit of thievery.
During many back-breaking jobs, you may notice that some items have an additional and very tempting prompt. Steal or not to steal! This is the moment when you can choose to go down a questionable path. Some of the items may get you a nice cash bonus because let’s be honest mobsters and criminals pay well, but not THAT well. Unfortunately, you are not an expert and you will have to judge what is worth stealing and what isn’t. Sometimes, it may not pay enough, but you will only find out once you already put it in your pocket.
CSC Devblog 17 01
Stuffing your pockets with other people’s things is not as easy and unproblematic as it may seem. Every item, no matter how small or big, will increase the suspicion meter and influence the final score of the mission. In your inventory, you can see how much money you will make from every stolen item and how much more suspicious you become. Just remember that once you hit the upper limit of maximum suspicion, you can’t really steal anything else.
CSC Devblog 17 02
On every mission, you have a limited amount of errors you can make which will increase how suspicious the police are of you. Those mistakes and missed evidence or blood are combined with every item you stole. You must learn how to assess the suspicion you can let go of before the end of a mission. Once you become too suspicious, there will be a penalty.
CSC Devblog 17 03
So now you can steal almost all valuable or not-so-valuable items. What kind of items do you think will be the most valuable? Which ones are you going to steal? Let us know! We can’t wait to see how much richer you will become!
See you soon!
The Devs