Devblog #10 - Your Shipyard’s Economy

Ahoy Shipwrights!
As serious businessmen, you have to keep in mind your relationship with the local economy. While you will be able to find and gather a huge chunk of the necessary materials, there will be plenty of resources to buy and sell in the nearby town. Your surplus of materials will bring joy to the townsfolk. This relationship of mutual help will speed up your resource gathering and material production.
Casting your own iron or processing wood will not be a problem, but there are elements that you can potentially buy from other skilled artisans. While you are a jack of all trades, there are many different fields that townsfolk may be better skilled in. Fabrics and expensive details may be available to purchase in the town. This is also where you can find people selling food and ingredients to prepare meals necessary for your survival. Gathering foods in the wild may not be enough when working hard in the shipyard. The ability to purchase food in the town will help you focus on your artistry without worrying about starving.
Devblog SB 10 01
Watch our for the shady type though! You can deal with the pirates who decide to stop on your tiny island. They will be sitting in the local tavern, waiting for you to sell away items they found during their adventures. The value of the materials and items they offer you can differ depending on their rarity and quality. But be careful! The pirates may seem like a lovely adventurous bunch, but they are the slimiest cheaters out there. They may try to squeeze every piece of gold out of your pocket.
Devblog SB 10 02
These trades may make the job of a shipwright much easier. You still be able to create the vast majority of the materials and resources on your own if you don’t want anyone’s help. For those of you who want to do everything on your own, you still can. It may be a bit more difficult but still possible.

Do you think you will use the help from the townsfolk and help them as well? Or maybe you will prefer to be lone wolves tinkering away in your shipyards?
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